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Easton | Main Office
8 South West Street, Easton, MD

1118 East Main Street, Salisbury, MD

205 Cross Street, Chestertown, MD

If you are experiencing a legal problem that involves any of the topics listed below, we can help!

  • Adult Guardianship
  • Advanced Medical Directives
  • Bankruptcy
  • Child Custody and/or Visitation
  • Consumer Debt/Debt Buyer
  • Contract Disputes
  • Divorce
  • Employment
  • Foreclosure
  • Legal Separation
  • Landlord-Tenant Dispute
  • Limited Immigration Legal Services
  • Power of Attorney
  • Small Claims
  • Small Estate Administration
  • Wills

*Note: We do not take cases involving domestic violence, child support, criminal cases, traffic cases, protective orders/peace orders and/or appeals. Please see our Client Resources page for help with these issues.


How to Apply for Help:

  • Please call 410-690-8128 or email
  • We will ask you questions such as your type of legal problem and your current income.  These questions will help us determine your eligibility. Please note that we are not able to provide legal advice over the phone.
  • We will mail or email an application to you to complete. Once we receive your completed application, a $25.00 non-refundable application fee (cash or money order ONLY) and proof of income, we will review your case. If you meet the eligibility requirements, we will start looking for a volunteer lawyer. If you cannot afford the application fee, you may request a waiver in writing.
  • Because we rely on the generosity of volunteers to accept a case when they are available, we cannot guarantee we will find a lawyer for every client.
  • If you have a trial or hearing scheduled, call us as soon as possible to increase the chance of us finding a volunteer. We are unable to handle emergency situations so please call well in advance of your trial or hearing.

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